Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer

Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer

Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer

Vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings helps in making the structure and setting of living places considering the accurate scientific ways of proper living. It is believed that a place perfectly designed according to the terms of vastu ultimately enhance the wealth, health, prosperity, positivity, and happiness in the lives of people and contact Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer. It makes the lives of people much better and secured and inculcates positive vibes in the living or working environment. If we talk about the history of vastu shastra, all its elements are completely based on the logical reasons required for the overall welfare of an individual.

Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer

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The entire structure of vastu defines the energies between the cosmic and human shelter. To ensure all the elements of Vastu at your dream place, you must avail the services of good vastu expert in Jaisalmer.

The five elements known of vastu shastra, known as Panch Mahabutas are as follows:
  • Space – it is the part of universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere in which all the planets and stars exist. It is often known as outer space.
  • Fire – it involves heat energy, thermal energy, human energy, atomic energy, etc.
  • Air – it is the basis of life for all living organisms. Despite being lightest in nature it is considered heavier than sun.
  • Water – zero amount of physical life on earth is possible without water.
  • Earth – it is considered a part of sun. earth provides space to all living and non-living organisms.
Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer

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Therefore, all the elements as you can see are closely associated with humans and environment. May it be a commercial or residential plot, you must take vastu guidelines from the vastu shastra in Jaisalmer who shall describe the entire structure of your living place.

Stating in brief, the vastu for home will include following points:
  • Vastu for main gate
  • Vastu for entrance door
  • Vastu for internal doors
  • Vastu for windows
  • Vastu for bedroom
  • Vastu for drawing room
  • Vastu for pooja room
  • Vastu for toilets
  • Vastu for guest room
  • Vastu for kitchen
Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer

Similarly, there are specific vastu considerations for industrial areas, build up houses, etc. to invest your money in the best option you must always avail the Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer and can experience the positive outcome yourself.

Vatu for business and corporate place will include the following points:
  • Vastu for director’s office
  • Vastu for main door
  • Vastu for entrance door
  • Vastu for windows
  • Ratio of industrial plot’s length and width
  • Vastu for prodictivity
  • Vastu to stop accidents
  • Vastu for stable business
  • Vastu for meeting room
  • Vastu for machines
  • Vastu for commercial sites

vastu services in Jaisalmer has a good number of experts who aim towards providing the best services to all their clients. They use latest technology and a hundred percent accurate knowledge that support the authenticity and reliability for the construction site. They also provide various programmes and workshops regarding the learnings of vastu shastra. So, with no more delays, be the one to experience the most comfortable living with the services of Vastu consultant in Jaisalmer.