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Vastu expert in Bhavnagar

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According to Hinduism, creation is the attribution to union of energy and consciousness. The five elements of nature interact with each other and give properties to everything. It is proved according to quantum physics that all forms of matter is basically a form of energy and each form of matter vibrates. As per Vastu expert in Bhavnagar, every dwelling has a soul of its own. This soul in the language of vastu shastra is referred to as vastu purusha.

If you wish to apply the perfection of vastu shastra at your place, you must avail the vastu shastra in Bhavnagar, whose experts will always guide you in a correct direction. You must always be aware of some pseudo vastu experts who generally mis-lead and cheat people in the name of vastu.

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Best Vastu expert in Bhavnagar

Some people have many times mis-understood vastu shastra with superstition, but it is absolutely wrong. Vastu shastra is an ancient subject introduced by our ancestors to create and maintain a healthy relationship between the dwelling and Vastu expert in Bhavnagar. So, to keep yourself safe from such people, you must always consider vastu consultant in Bhavnagar, who are well-recognized and guarantee the accurateness of their services.

In simple terms, every plot has a soul of its own. The head of vastu purusha is ideally in the north-east direction, whereas the feet is in south-west direction. The five elements are:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Space

The classification of each in terms of vastu is as follows:

  • North-east direction is for the element of water
  • South-east direction is for the element of fire
  • South-west direction is for the element of earth
  • North-west direction is for the element of air
  • Center, commonly known as Brahmasthana is assigned to the element of space.
Vastu expert in Bhavnagar
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Many times, it really gets practically impossible to follow all the rules of vastu. In such a case, vastu services in Bhavnagar will always guide you on the most beneficial principles that your must implicate in your lives. Aura scans are majorly considered a good way to check vastu defects in at place.

Some ideal directions for specific purpose are as follows:
  • North east direction for puja room as it represents the direction of Gods
  • The kitchen should always be in the south east zone of the house, as it represents fire.
  • The center as ruled by the space element must be left open as much as possible.
  • All the heavy articles and tools must be placed in the south-west zone of the house as it represents earth.
  • The north-west direction, representing air is always beneficial for the placement of guest room.
Vastu expert in Bhavnagar

This relationship further develops the positive environment and maintain peace in the lives of humans. So, vastu shastra is a science that was basically introduced for the betterment of entire human kind and is not just limited to any specific community or religion. So, with no more delays get yourself associated with Vastu expert in Bhavnagar and avail the best services.