Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur

Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur

Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur

Vastu shastra is an inherent energy concept of science introduced by Vishwakarma. We all know the fact that we can never see energy with our naked eyes but we can always feel and observe its application in different forms and aspects of our life. It is the concept of Indian science of architecture and buildings that helps in creating congenial setting or a place to live and work in the most scientific ways. According to the laws of Vastu shastra, the peace and prosperity of each individual is related to nature, its elements, and energy fields. If you are planning to construct your dream house, you can always consider taking the services of Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur.

Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur

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The concepts of vastu shastra work in a way that unifies science, art, astronomy, and astrology altogether. It is also known as an ancient mystic science of building and designing of a place and vastu expert in Jiwan Pur. It makes our life better from little improvements and maintain health and prosperity in our lives. It is basically the science of direction that combines all the elements of nature known as Paanchbhootas.

Vastu shastra has emerged from history and our seers and sages have always known the secrets of using all the elements of this universe. Each of the five elements has its own special characteristics and influence. Previously, our sages have searched this concept and introduced it for the betterment of our life, and now, we are the ones researching and rebuilding the concept.

People often misunderstand vastu shastra with some superstition or the Hindu religion and vastu services in Jiwan Pur. But, by the fact, vastu shastra is not a religion but the science of correct placement of things as well as the adequate balance of five elements of nature. The five elements of nature are:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Space
  • Air
  • Water
Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur

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If you home of work place violates any principle of vastu, it is termed as vastu dosh. There are several remedies of vastu dosh as well. To know about them and implement them at your place, you can contact Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur and vastu consultant in Jiwan Pur will assist you as per your deals. You must know the vastu dosh can always be corrected with simple changes in room, interiors of the house, slight placement differences of things at home/work place, etc. Each vastu dosh has some or the other remedy. If it is taken under consideration by the owner in time, the happiness and peace in the person’s life can be maintained.

Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur
According to the rules of vastu, is it correct to build the house at the same ground level as that of the road in front of the house?

Assuming the life of a building about 60years, there is always a chance that the height of the road level in front of the house may rise over a period of time. So, to avoid such chaos later, it is always advised that the structure of building is built at a higher level than that of the road so as to avoid the flow of rain water inside the building. It is always recommended by Vastu shastra in Jiwan Pur to construct the building at least two to three feet above the road level.